Welcome To The Wood Guys

Thank you for visiting The Wood Guys. The primary purpose of this website is to provide information as to the types of products offered to our three unique customers and to educate all who are interested, for without you, we do not exist. We are very grateful for your years of purchases, again, from all of us, Thank you.

Since 1999, The Wood Guys have been providing Apple, Cherry, Fir and Pine woods along with Pressed Logs and Wood Pellets into three categories of trade throughout Northwest United States. These markets include Residential, Retail and Food Service.


Residential or Homeowner’s can have delivered to their homes as little as one pallet of tightly stacked wood equaling 1/2 cord of dry cut Firewood, or one pallet of Pressed Logs or one pallet of Wood Pellets to their home for their heating needs. All residential deliveries come on pallets therefore eliminating the need for the homeowner to labor in the task of restacking our products once they are delivered. No more stacking wood! We offer delivered firewood starting at 1/2 cord increments all the way up to 5 cords per delivery. We deliver to more locations in Western Washington than any other supplier.


Retail, our firewood and kindling bundles can be found in finer retail stores throughout Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho and Utah.

Food Service

Food Service, we process and ship more Apple and Cherry Wood from Washington State than any other supplier. Our specific distributors require either apple or cherry wood in a specific configurations for their customers cooking requirements. We process and ship 2-cubic feet bags of wood on pallets or one pallet of tightly stacked apple or cherry wood equaling 1/2 cord per bulk bins to our distributors. We will not sell to end users in this category of trade but sell exclusively through selected distributors.


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